What Do Brands Want From Google+?

Google+ continues its rapid expansion and has recently added games and check medals but what about the accounts for brands? A week after Google+ saw the light, the company asked the companies not to open business accounts Buy Google Reviews on the platform. Meanwhile, the product manager for Google+ Christian Oestlien, said his team was working on these functions.

“The platform at the moment is not built for the business use case, and we want to help you build long-term relationships with your customers. Doing it right is worth the wait.” said Oestlien in a post. It also ensures that brands can enjoy integration and analytics AdWords. But to understand better how they should be the trademarks of Google+, Mashable has spoken to some social media experts to create the ultimate list of wishes for the brands.

Baochi Nguyen, community manager of Boingo Wireless, said he would like the profiles of brands to be displayed in circles that users could follow, something “similar to the private and public lists of Twitter,” he added. In addition, Nguyen believes that brands should be able to add themselves to the circles of communities so they can publish in circles kind of like a forum.

Moreover, these circles could have a live chat interface between brands and customers and a search function that would allow users to find articles on specific business issues. This would involve introducing a kind of social service for the customer. Furthermore, although it could generate a huge amount of spam would be a useful tool for businesses to find their fans based on specific interests and get a very interesting feedback interactions with users.

Google+ users have started using hangouts, a service video chat platform, very creative. And of course, this system can be very useful for companies, if Google does a couple of changes to this service.

This could be established by creating hangouts lead by senior employees of the company to talk to users about the company or its developments. Also, product managers could use this system to get feedback from users on applications, hardware pages or product development. Although it should be noted that the hangouts, in its current form, are available only for the first 10 users to access.

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