The Naked Truth – Electrolysis Compared to Laser Hair Removal

How well does electrolysis work compared to laser hair removal? Electrolysis is the old heavy hitter in the world of hair permanent hair removal. The process destroys hair at the roots using needles and electricity, has been around in one form or another since the late 19thcentury and gained popularity throughout the 20th century. Not until the 1990’s did a new technology arrive to rival electrolysis as a means of lasting hair removal.

This new hair removal technique was called laser hair removal or photoepilation. Laser hair removal was a more modern approach to lasting hair removal through the destruction of hair at its root. Since then, hair removal by laser has become the aesthetician and dermatologist’s new best friend with many providers doing landmark business removing hair for males and females alike pico 去斑
. Food and Drug Administration approved and widely accepted among dermatologists as an efficient means of hair removal, it is no surprise to see laser has risen quickly in popularity.

Each approach possesses unique benefits and drawbacks. Electrolysis offers truly permanent hair removal-a claim supported by the FDA-but, it is expensive, time consuming and therefore works best on small areas of the body. This fact leaves electrolysis ideal for the upper lip and eyebrows, but not a practical solution for removal of hair on the back or legs. Meanwhile, laser easily covers large portions of the body, but requires several sessions and primarily reduces and lightens hair growth rather than removing it on a permanent basis.

Additionally, until recently, laser worked best for the removal of dark hair from light skinned people. People with dark hair and dark skin or those of a fairer complexion could expect mixed or even limited results under the laser. Advances continue to be made, but electrolysis remains the most effective permanent hair removal option for the aforementioned groups of groups of individuals.

Should you choose electrolysis or laser hair removal? The answer depends on several things: the amount of hair you wish to remove, your complexion and your budget. The real differences that arise when electrolysis is compared to laser hair removal are the ones dictated by your hair removal goals.


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