Mountain Bike Rack Options

That’s it, I’ve had it. It is definitely time to get a new rack for my car to carry my mountain bikes. Driving an SUV to carry all our camping, hiking, biking and other outdoor gear is great, but when it comes to loading the bikes onto the roof rack, especially after a day of really good riding, is just getting to be ridiculous. I can understand that it’s no big deal if you’re just going for a casual bike ‘stroll’, or even if you DO plan to go hard, but you have all the time in the world to recover once you get back to your vehicle, it shouldn’t be a big deal to hoist a bike up to the roof. However, after multiple situations where this ideal situation didn’t exist, I’m convinced it’s time for an alternative solution.

Why am I so frustrated to begin with? Simple car roof rack. I don’t have much time to get my rides in, so during the week I have to do my best to squeeze them in after work and before I have to get home to the family. This means that I’m often pressing my luck in order to get a good, hard ride in to make it worth my while, but also getting back to my truck before it’s totally dark and starting to get cold. On more than one occasion, I haven’t really won the race.

In those situations, I’m back to the truck in the dark, exhausted, and more often than not it seems, there is a very cold rain coming down. My fingers are frozen, my heart is pounding, and all I want to do is get the bike loaded up so I can get inside, warm up enough to get feeling back in my fingers, and then head home. With all those things going against me (out of breath, no feeling in my fingers, in a hurry, etc), on more than one occasion I’ve had my bike come tumbling down on top of me. In fact, I’ve come home with some cuts and bruises from such situations that my wife was convinced came from my aggressive biking. I was too embarrassed to tell her it came from trying to load my bike up AFTER I was done with my ride…

I’ll admit it; while I consider myself athletic, I’m not the biggest, burliest guy out there. It’s a stretch for me to get that bike up there to the roof of my SUV, so that’s certainly part of the problem. Some people might ask why I don’t just load it into the back of my truck. Well, with all the gear that’s in there, plus a baby seat and god knows what else, there just isn’t room. And if there were, considering how muddy my bike often is by the time I get done riding, I don’t know that I want it inside. It used to be fine for me to do that, but that was before the days of a wife and kids…

There are many top brand names in bike racks for cars, trucks and suvs. Yakima and Thule bike racks are among the top brands in car bicycle rack carriers. Swagman, Saris and Softride are some notable others. But, when cyclists start searching for car racks, they’ll start with the two biggest brands in the industry.Hira Light Weight Car Roof Rack, for Travelling Bag Storage, Rs 3500 /piece  | ID: 17580946062

A great reason to check out the models offered by brands like Thule and Yakima are that they make all types of bicycle racks for every situation. Knowing what to expect in a car rack and the features to look for when comparing different models is important. Researching and being up to date with the different options available is critical to choosing the best bike carrier.

Many people may not decide to buy these racks from the top name brands after checking out other brands as their financial situation will dictate the type and model they can afford. Lesser known brands can be as effective at carrying bikes on vehicles as the top bike carrier rack brands. Those that have more of a budget can opt for a recognized name.

For those that want the best in all the equipment that they own, the best bicycle rack brands offer this and more. Saving money and buying a more expensive rack solution can be worth the money in the long run. There are many factors that go into this. Higher priced racks often come with better warranties. Also, getting replacement parts for their products will be easier as they have a better ability to keep producing parts for older models due to the size of their manufacturing operations. All these things should be factored into the purchase price of a bike carrying product.

Whether considering a trunk, hitch, roof or even truck bed bike rack, Thule and Yakima will make many models within each of these categories. This is another reason to consider top brands before venturing out to value brands and cheap products available for sale. The old saying you get what you pay for often times is true in the cycling industry.

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